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Forum Announcement: CarTechnology Rules!!
20-09-2013, 10:21 AM
CarTechnology Rules!!

Your first post MUST be here:

If you don't introduce yourself you will not have full access to the forums.

- = Please Read Carefully the Rules = -

1 : All posts must be in English (any thread/Post without English language may be deleted)

2 : There will be no distributing of keygens without the consent of the administration.

3 : Thanks for sharing with our community, but Do not Post Links on the Board! External links must be attached in a text file. Torrents and Mega downloads are the preferred methods, please do not link to Chinese, Russian, or pay to download sites, the links will be removed.

4 : Do not use email addresses, website URLs, Skype info, or any other contact info as your Username. Do not use temporary, disposable, or fake email addresses to sign up, they will be detected and blocked. (This may result in immediate BAN or account deleted!)

5 : Do not post email addresses, website URLs, Skype, phone numbers .etc in Thread/Post or signatures. (allowed ONLY in Profile)

6 : Do not send PM's to the Members , about Licenses, Keys, Activations, Keygens or for similar things.

7 : Do not POST Pornographic content! (Image, Text, Video, Links, Passwords, etc...);

8 : Do not Ask for passwords on the thread / post / forum (ONLY BY 'PM' = 'PRIVATE MESSAGE') = [Image: postbit_pm.gif]

9 : Do not use topic titles such as “HELP ME”, “PLEASE HELP ME”, “DESPERATE HELP NEEDED”, use relevant title to your subject created.

10 : Do not Post Any links to Chinese sites , if You want To discuss chinese Tools/Products You Can Post their images in Post

11: Do not share/post/discuss OUR links or any "solution" to other Forums!

12: Do not post links to other forums with similar contents.

13: Advertising is not permitted without the consent of the administration, this includes signatures and site URLs.

14: If you have an issue with a member, PM a moderator (Racism, bigotry, discriminating posts or personal attacks will not be tolerated)

15: Do NOT post messages that make no sense, such as: Thank you, good, thanks Mate, Nice Share etc, they will be deleted! If you want to say THANK YOU there are buttons for this [Image: postbit_thx.gif] + [Image: postbit_reputation.gif] reputation.

16: Do not register with more than one username. (Both accounts may be banned).

17: Double post will be deleted without notification, and double posting without answer is allowed after 24h if you don't see any reply!

18: Prohibited to use of nicknames containing insults or not bearing semantic value such as (xyxws0k). this may receive a warning or ban

19: Avatars and signatures that offend decency, or may give rise to offence, will be REMOVED immediately.

20: Religious Threads are NOT allowed.

21: Don't forget To " Introduce Yourself
" , this is counted and all that is needed is a small generic description.

22: Prohibited profanity

23: No Autodata or InstaCode discussions, this mean that your not allowed to ask or post about this software or request any help for it too.(This may result in your immediate BAN! )

24: Issues from outside CarTechnology should be dealt with outside CarTechnology, NOT in our forums. Do NOT bring your drama here.

25: No selling in open forums allowed, selling only allowed in The Market Place. If you decide to buy/sell via PM, CARTECHNOLOGY is not responsible for the outcome and trading is done at your own risk!

26: DO NOT PM Members offering/Trade archive,software,programs for money! This will result in a BAN! banned
__(if you want sell/buy there is market place section)

27: This forum is here for sharing and helping , not just to get help. In other words it is give and take, not just take! Leechers will be banned. banned


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