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John Deere Payload - Iceman1983 - 10-01-2017 19:40 PM


i am trying to find someone to help me with changing values in a Payloadfile from John deere!

I am interesstet in Changing Speedlimit from 40 to 50km/h
and deactivate EGR

i have all files for a 6930 Premium original and decrypted!

So hope someone can help me!!


RE: John Deere Payload - Iceman1983 - 12-01-2017 16:17 PM

No one here who has experience with modifieng Payload Files????

RE: John Deere Payload - QUICK SERVICE - 13-01-2017 05:39 AM

Memory is not good

RE: John Deere Payload - Iceman1983 - 25-01-2017 22:11 PM

Anybody here who has experience with modifying John Deere PAYLOAD files??

No Kess,... only modifying original payload files and program it with Service advisor.