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AUDI Navigation Plus (RNS-E)Version 2019 8P0060884DD - pablo202 - 23-01-2019

DVD1 - West Europe:
Andorra, Belgien, Frankreich, Grossbritannien, Irland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, Niederlande, Portugal, Schweiz, Spanien

DVD2 - Central/West Europe:
Deutschland, Schweiz, Andorra, Belgien, Frankreich, Italien, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, Niederlande, Österreich, San Marino, Vatikanstaat

DVD3 - North/Central/East Europe:
Deutschland, Albanien, Bosnien-Herzegowina, Bulgarien, Dänemark, Estland, Finnland, Griechenland, Kroatien, Lettland, Litauen, Mazedonien, Montenegro, Norwegen, Österreich, Polen, Rumänien, Schweden, Serbien, Slowakei, Slowenien, Tschechische Republik, Ungarn

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RE: AUDI Navigation Plus (RNS-E)Version 2019 8P0060884DD - audia4 - 23-01-2019

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Thanks to Guzo for link and uplaod from clapping

RE: AUDI Navigation Plus (RNS-E)Version 2019 8P0060884DD - alleshateinende - 23-01-2019

Here Torrent for DVD1 for all CT-Members.



Credits GUZO
Thanks & rep for this Torrent is allowed! biggrin

AUDI Navigation Plus (RNS-E)Version 2019 DVD 1.2.3 Torrent - Sorinex - 27-01-2019

AUDI Navigation Plus (RNS-E) 2019
Original Version 2019 8P0060884DD
DVD 1 + 2 + 3  Torrent


                                 Here Torrent for DVD1 DVD 2 DVD 3 for all CT-Members.

RE: AUDI Navigation Plus (RNS-E)Version 2019 8P0060884DD - bpodnar - 28-01-2019

Guys does it make sense to you that RNS-E system gets 2019 map update and 2G high which is "younger" is not? Someone said that 2G high got last map update in 2018 and thats it!?

RE: AUDI Navigation Plus (RNS-E)Version 2019 8P0060884DD - pepeEL - 29-01-2019

Anybody test it ? Because for me not working... After put DVD to unit show me info not number maps but show CD/DVD update. But software is not update and maps not woeking. Maps from 2018 also write on the same DVD-RW works ok.

RE: AUDI Navigation Plus (RNS-E)Version 2019 8P0060884DD - ziomal-84 - 29-01-2019

Remove update data. Map will work.

RE: AUDI Navigation Plus (RNS-E)Version 2019 8P0060884DD - pepeEL - 30-01-2019

But how remove update ?

I edit my iso by software ultraISO to replace voice guidence and not delete my changing menu language...because my menu language is also made on soft 0220 and after put maps done again update to 0220.

But in 2018 year also done this modification and maps works but now after put modified maps to slot show CD/DVD Update but not start update and maps not working. I dont know what is a problem.... because on 2018 works ok with this modification.

Can anybody help me.... ?

RE: AUDI Navigation Plus (RNS-E)Version 2019 8P0060884DD - engineer40 - 30-01-2019

hi, not working

RE: AUDI Navigation Plus (RNS-E)Version 2019 8P0060884DD - Janch - 30-01-2019

Guys I hope you know that RNS-E is extremely sensitive for copies - from my experiences the most sensitive among all OEM navigations systems which works from CD/DVD's. Most burners cannot make working copy and you will always end up with DVD read error. Best chance is to find vintage old burner and burn with 1x burning speed. Laser lens condition in RNS-E unit also plays huge factor. If it's dirty od worn, there is absolutely zero chance for success, regardless the perfect copy.