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Change VIN in CAS3+ - laso - 13-03-2019

I need to change the VIN in CAS3 +.
I have a VVDI prog.
After reading I want to change the VIN in the BMW CAS3+ editor.
Do I have to count later checksum?
Do I just have to change the eeprom?
Is it safe to upload the changed VIN using VVDI pro

RE: Change VIN in CAS3+ - PhilipM - 13-03-2019

VIN is just in the eeprom, the checksum does need to be correct otherwise the CAS will delete the VIN.
I don't know if CAS3 editor will edit and correct the checksum

RE: Change VIN in CAS3+ - pepi - 14-03-2019

VVDI prog is good programmer for CAS3+ , for changing VIN with CAS3 editor I believe it will do it, but if you hesitate to do it upload your dump I will do it for you.

RE: Change VIN in CAS3+ - borysgo2 - 14-03-2019

VIN has 17 characters and the last bit is the checksum, just add all 17 characters in HEX calculator and write 18th byte as a checksum.

RE: Change VIN in CAS3+ - laso - 14-03-2019

Ok. I understand a little. Checksum can be seen even in the NCS.
My client changed the engine in e90 from Ecu and CAS.
Earlier there was N47 143hp and now there is N47 177hp.
I am using the key to this new set, but navigation in CIC still does not work.
I copied VO from FRM to CAS.
I always only read the CAS and never typed. That is why I'm scared or not going down during the recording.
I understand that I need to read only the eeprom and change the VIN together with chk.
Can I change it in the HEX editor and enter it into CAS?

RE: Change VIN in CAS3+ - PhilipM - 15-03-2019

(14-03-2019, 19:55 PM)laso Wrote:  Ok. I understand a little. Checksum can be seen even in the NCS.

That is a check digit, 0-9 A-Z, the VIN checksum is hex, 00-FF.

What you should do is change the VIN (long 17 digit VIN with checksum) this will be near the middle of the file. You might also see the short VIN near the bottom in the User info field (update history)

The short VIN is not used for any VIN comparison, only the full VIN.

You should also blank the milage (set to 100kms for example).
When the VIN in the dash and CAS match, the mileage will sync to the highest value, so you might see the mileage increase and then need to fix in the dash and CAS.

R270 will read the CAS eeprom and also allow you to quickly adjust CAS mileage, VIN would be done with a hex editor.

Each CAS data point has its own checksum, so you can just edit the VIN and VIN checksum, and write back to the CAS.

RE: Change VIN in CAS3+ - laso - 15-03-2019

I have R270 but is chines clone.
I have VVDI Prog.

RE: Change VIN in CAS3+ - Pifon07 - 15-03-2019

Have a look here..........

RE: Change VIN in CAS3+ - laso - 16-03-2019

Thx for your link.
This is oryginal CAS3+.
This part I must copy to new CAS?
" 57 42 41 50 4e 31 31 30 31 30 41 32 35 35 38 31 37 e8"
How well I understood everything to "E8" to the checksum.
And how to calculate the sum if I do not have a oryginal CAS and i now only VIN number.

Link to my CAS

can someone check my calculations?
For VIN WBAWL1C57AP491915 checksum will be F6? I think well