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APR Stage I - dohnjoe - 25-03-2020

I am interested on the possibility to upgrade the ECU map of my car using the APR Stage I solution.

The remapping is too expensive ($600 + $100 dyno).
So my question is: does anyone have an "alternative" solution?

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RE: APR Stage I - Powerlab - 26-03-2020

If you have your file sure you can have more better and reliable solution for your car.

RE: APR Stage I - 8baller - 26-03-2020

the alternative solution is to remap it yourself


tools to do it
price of genuine tools
compatibility of clone tools
reliability of clone tools
danger of bricking ecu (cost of repairing ecu, where to, who, how?)
learning the process
correct application of process
finding a tuner.....this has lots of implications

when you start to break it down you can see why companies charge so much, because they give you the security of doing job successfully, they give the result from dyno but still....does not mean that tune will be reputable and good for car in long term

so many variables

RE: APR Stage I - pioan - 26-03-2020

Where are you from? What city?

RE: APR Stage I - naphosim - 27-03-2020

(26-03-2020, 08:57 AM)pioan Wrote:  Where are you from? What city?

car is fromĀ Romania / Bucharest.