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dcu102 help - Redash - 01-05-2021

Greatings mates, i friend of mine swap engine on a boxer 3...orig engine as 120hp, the new 100hp...he has the 100hp ecu, and i tried to use carlab julie pro...with the configuration 5+6+7+can120r the blue led always blinking even after turn key on/off more than 10 times (do you know if is necessary to remove te eep 24c02 from emulator?)...or can someone check if ecu dump is well configured, or have a virgin auto sync for this ecu

DCU 102 hw-9661256980

Best Regards

RE: dcu102 help - sixcode - 01-05-2021

why dont you ask help in Julie from???

also where does it say in manual that this ecu is supported, boxer is other software then fiat?

RE: dcu102 help - Redash - 03-05-2021

Thanks for the reply Sixcode, but even when i do this dash i choose fiat option, so i think emulator shoul work, but well iam still waiting for some reply from carlab forum, but found this program  from svvag2000, going to test it tonight, and them provide feeback...leave it in attachment...

RE: dcu102 help - Redash - 04-05-2021

Greatings problem solved with this great tool...many thanks for Svvag2000 for this utility tool..
and still waiting for some response at carlab forum...

Best Regards

RE: dcu102 help - sixcode - 04-05-2021

so you did immo off with the software or...?

RE: dcu102 help - Redash - 04-05-2021

its puts ecu in virgin state, just turn key on wait 20s ecu auto sync, and start engine....
all ok