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update mhi2 - Juanantonio_18 - 04-05-2021

[attachment=156233]Hello, I wanted to know which update I have to install for 2021 since I do not understand much about this unit.

RE: update mhi2 - koala106 - 04-05-2021

You have mib2 High - can update to highest version k3663
Can also activate smartphone and extend map license.

RE: update mhi2 - DukeFawks - 05-05-2021

Here is the one step upgrade I made to K3663 without Bose update and includes Carplay/AA activation and lifetime map license.
Install K3663 update from red engineering menu (back button+lower left) and install the maps from the normal system update.

As you are on S2519 I would like to know if after the upgrade the subwoofer control works for you.