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DiagBox Language Change
10-02-2016, 21:56 PM,
Post: #11
RE: DiagBox 7.76 and 7.77 Language Change
Check there are no spelling mistakes made when you made the changes, also check that the files do actually exist in your system as you named them.
If they do not exist, use the language alternatives that are easiest for you.
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25-05-2017, 17:13 PM,
Post: #12
RE: DiagBox 7.76 and 7.77 Language Change

Based on Simples information above on what files need to be updated in order to change the language in DiagBox, Lexia and PP2000, I have make a simple script which will assist in changing the files in an easy manner. It makes use of Horst Schaeffers INIFILE.exe which is not attached so it has to be downloaded manually. When starting the script the URL will be reveiled.

NB! The script works with DiagBox 7 and 8.

Best Regards


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04-12-2018, 03:17 AM,
Post: #13
RE: DiagBox Language Change
This info here is aimed to help change a language for Lexia stable version v7.83, especially for pp2000 works fine but lexia cannot change the language.


Having installed your language and keyboard in Windows and set the non-Unicode programs to revert to the preferred language in System Locale, you can change the language in DiagBox releases up to v7.72 through the menu and manually for later releases.

Review this:

However, I think the point missed in your case is setting the language for “non-Unicode” programs, shown in the first snapshot. You probably need to be connected to the internet for some updates. You can revert back to English US later and still work with your language.

Notice that it works on all Windows (XP, 7, 8 and 10) as well as all DiagBox versions (7.57 and 7.72 are shown in the attached snapshots).

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08-02-2019, 07:59 AM,
Post: #14
RE: DiagBox Language Change

PP2000 hungarian code no "HR".
Hungariqn code: "HG"
Lexia hungarian code correct :"HR"

Sorry, my english bad.....
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15-04-2019, 14:21 PM,
Post: #15
RE: DiagBox Language Change
HI Please help Video and photos Lexia 3 DiagBox v7.76 v7.77 Language Change

DiagBox_updt_776-783_Simple! .iso change language FR

change language FR

Please help thank you
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20-08-2019, 14:14 PM,
Post: #16
RE: DiagBox Language Change
(04-11-2015, 13:05 PM)Simple Wrote:  2b- Navigate to "C:\APPLIC\LCTLEX3\", find the file "Dico.txt" and create a copy named "".
Open the file "Dico.txt" and change the line "Dico=THELEXGB.DBZ" to "Dico=THELEXFR.DBZ" to change Lexia language to French.

Hi Simple, firstly thankyou very much for the greast work and support.
in the: C:\APPLIC I don't have any thing, folder is empty. is there I can do for this? will this cause any trouble in the diagnosing proccess?

Thanks again.
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20-08-2019, 19:49 PM,
Post: #17
RE: DiagBox Language Change
You don't have to worry about "C:\APPLIC" all whats happening is in "C:\APP" and "C:\AWRoot" and their sub-folders.
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