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DiagBox 7.xx from Preparation to Operation
28-12-2015, 12:42 PM,
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DiagBox 7.xx from Preparation to Operation
1- A capable notebook, Windows (32 bit only) XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 or 10 (TH & RS), DiagBox v7.01/02 ISO and updates.
2- Ensure that all files and folders names do NOT include spaces or funny characters, example: “Folder_1or_file_5” and not “Folder 1 or file 5”.
3- If possible, convert all your media to ISO format ensuring the media is laid at the root directory and NOT inside another folder, Example: if you mount the DVD ISO it should be “G:\installation_material.exe” and NOT “G:\ Diagbox\Lexia 3\installation_material.exe” (where G is the arbitrary DVD drive letter).
4- Hard Drive controller MUST be set to Legacy/IDE not AHCI in the BIOS (If installing on the computer).
5- Hard Disk partition type is MBR not GPT (Win 8+).
6- Always run DiagBox as Administrator and/or in Windows XP compatibility mode.

Virtual Machine: ^
Install VirtualBox or VMplayer and the extensions/tools ensuring the following:
a) Ensure that the Hard Disk controller is set to IDE not SCSI.
b) Create a preferably fixed hard drive 20-36GB preferably contiguous, Dynamic also works. (Win XP needs less resources than 10)
c) Connect the Windows ISO through the Settings -> Storage menu.
d) Install VirtualBox Guest Additions or VMWare Tools after installing Windows.

Windows Installation:
Install a clean Windows XP Pro SP3 32 bit #, activate it and install the following tools:
a) Install VirtualBox Guest Additions or VMWare Tools after installing Windows if installing on Virtual Machine.
b) Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 Framework (needed for DiagBox 7.60+)
c) All necessary drivers (usually covered by the Guest Additions/VMWare Tools)
d) Setup a network adapter (does not need to be connected to network)
e) Mozilla Firefox
f) Java 6 or 7 (not necessary)
g) 7zip or Winrar
h) Virtual Clonedrive (not needed for Virtual Machines)

XS Evolution Connection:
Connect the Lexia USB interface to the computer so that VirtualBox identifies it:
Click on VirtualBox Settings, USB, add a new USB filter and choose the code representing Lexia interface. VMWare recognises the hardware.
Leave the Lexia interface connected throughout the whole installation process, if Windows asks to look for drivers then just cancel for now.

DiagBox Installation:
1. Disconnect the network cable/connection.
2. Create a blank file named version.txt and saved to the root directory i.e “C:\version.txt” (This step may not be necessary with newer DiagBox versions).
3. Mount the DiagBox 7.02 ISO and run the setup, go through the process. At some stage, "new hardware found" message will appear, do not choose to search automatically for drivers, you may cancel it or just manually select the driver that should now be available.
4. Start DiagBox and when prompted for activation, choose the "manual activation" option, fill-in information as per the provided instructions. DiagBox will start as v7.01.
5. Reboot the computer and restart DiagBox again, it will run the internet updates (even if not connected to the net) and will open as V7.02.

Install the update package/s as follows:
Please note that after installing each update you will need to reboot the computer then run DiagBox again for the update to be fully installed. At some stage, you may get "New hardware found" wizard again, ignore if already installed.
After DiagnBox v7.02 install v7xx-757 -> 7.57-7.58 -> 7.58-7.62 -> 7.62-7.66 -> (7.66-7.72 if you wish to stay with ISO 639-1) or -> 7.66-7.74 -> 7.74-7.76 -> 7.76-7.82, etc…

The latest version of DiagBox is now operational. Connect the XS Evolution interface USB before starting DiagBox *, then the OBDII connector to the OBD-II port on your car, turn the ignition on, and in DiagBox choose your car and work away.


# Windows 32 bit (English US) was a requirement to a successful installation, a language can be added or changed after installation.

- DiagBox v7.01-7.72 uses ISO 639-1 (EN), from V7.74 it uses a combination of 639-1 and 2 Chr$ Locale (en_GB).

* DiagBox checks the XS Evolution current Firmware version at start and flashes the APPLI.COM file present in "C:\AWRoot\bin\Launcher" to the device if needed. This enables the user to try different Firmware versions.

^ A Virtual Machine (VM) software is usually used on a computer running Windows 64bit or Linux, with Virtualization capable CPU, 4GB+ RAM and lots of Hard Disk space; the more the merrier. It allows the user to create a virtual computer hardware (choose number of CPUs, amount of RAM and Hard Disk space) in order to install a new operating system and applications on the VM without interfering with system that is running or real computer. (I5 + 4GB RAM + 20GB HD is OK for Win XP 32bit). It can be easily cloned or deleted.
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