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Fiat Punto famous 2 cylinder issue expert advice
22-04-2017, 21:55 PM
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JFiat Fiat Punto famous 2 cylinder issue expert advice
Good day fellow CT members. bow
Got this Punto 1.2 petrol 8v 60hp MY 2003, 188 engine, with IAW 5AF.P3 HW303 ECU in the workshop which has got the famous running on 2 cylinders issue.
Have changed new plugs to proper recommended NGK BKR5EZ and new coil packs to recommended Lucas DLB314, and new HT cables.
Have checked all cables for short circuit or resistance and checked sensor voltages, resistances values for all elements including pin 10 and 38 (coil pack circuits from ECU and they are in proper range +/- (.520 under diode mode between ground and pins 10 and 38 with no signs of short circuit when swapping + to - probes).
Injectors and compression are all in order.
Car starts fine when cold and runs fine with no issues, but when engine is warm and if I stop engine and start it again it starts fine but as soon (about 2 second or so) 2 cylinder issue comes up from coil pack circuit 1 (P0351), sometimes when I rev the engine the circuit comes live and 4 cyl start working, while sometimes stays on 2 cyl and while driving it sudenly 4cyl kicks in.

After all checks that I possibly could had done with the equipment I have, the only possible defect here is mosfet problem inside ECU corresponding to coil pack circuit 1, which either is faulty, poor connection due to solder not making contact on whichever mosfet pin.
As many know these ECU's are a pain in the mooning to open and repair, therefore either just buy a plug and play and replace as it will self code to immo after following the proper procedures.
But before doing that, I found another ECU and BCM and key from another Punto but MY 1999 ECU is not IAW5AF.P3 HW 303, but it is an IAW59F.M2 HW002.
Got it installed swapping BCM, ECU, and removing transponder ring from near the key hole and wrapping the key ring still connected to is two wire connector with the donor key from other Punto wrapped around it far from the other key so no immo issues due to ring picking uo signal from other key.
Car starts and runs fine with no 2 cyl issue, but now I have no response on the instrument cluster, steering is hard, and other instruments issues inside the car such as radio not working etc, despite all fuses and relays checked.
Seems like SW from this ECU/BCM are not proper to this cars instrument panel, nor donor Panel etc, therefore have also installed the instrument panel from donor car, but car doesn't even start, it sound like it want's to fire up but doesn't. So back with cars original instrument cluster and car runs but no response on cluster gauges, etc, no steering, etc, although car is drivable and engine working fine.

Question to any Fiat experts here: What can be done tho get all this 1999 donor equipment to properly work on this 2003 car?

Cloning ECU believe is not possible on ECU's with HW versions lower than 300.
Since donor ECU is 59F.M2 HW002 and original is 5AF.P3 HW303 what can be done or am I looking into a dead end here wasting my time trying to figure out to make this work while easiest way would be just to purchase plug and play ECU?
Since I'm stubbard and don't want to give up yet, would like to know if it is possible to make these donor parts work properly on the Punto and how.

Apreciate the time and effort just to read this post, and if any Fiat Master Chef could throw any info on how to make it work, would be much appreciated either by me and AP's community.
Photos of original and donor ECU;s and BCMs attached in .txt link.

BTW forgot to mention that when donor ECU and donor BCM and key near key transponder ring are installed I have no communication with donor ECU and original instrument panel installed, I have no access to reading nor ID with Autel Maxidas DS 708 under proper vehicle selected the 59F ECU nor original IC whether it's properly selected as it gives me errors shown in photos although with original modules access is possible.


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22-04-2017, 23:05 PM
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RE: Fiat Punto famous 2 cylinder issue expert advice

My advice is... just forget it. There are hw differences between the ECU's. I've never managed to replace an ECU hw>100 with a hw<100 one.
And the 2 car is very different. For example 1 vs 2 O2 sensor, different camshaft sensors, CAN configuration etc.
And probably the BCM configs are different too (ABS, door number, fog lamp etc.).
So it's much easyer get another ECU hw>100 and copy the old ecu (transform if needed) if You have the tools. Or as You wrote get a "virgin" one with same numbers.

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22-04-2017, 23:45 PM
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RE: Fiat Punto famous 2 cylinder issue expert advice
Find a new one same ecu, virgin him, put on the car and make adataption. Or repaire the old one.
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