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Extra Rules - sub forum Carradio
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0Radio  Extra Rules - sub forum Carradio
Important Rules For All CarTechnology Members in this Section !!

1: Please When you ask a question, try to be clear and accurate about what you want to say. talking

2:Please do not hijack other threads, post your own and you must use a title related to your problem/question NOT such as Words "Help Please" "i need Code"......etc dontknow

3: Give Enough info About Your Request such as under
-Part No / Serial No
-Memory (eeprom, mcu, flash...etc)
-and You Can Give any other info required

4:. DO NOT PM Members asking for Codes.shake (use the forums, they are here for a reason nod)

5: DO NOT PM Members offering/Trade Codes , archive,software,programs or money! This will result in a BAN! banned
__(if you want sell/buy there is market place section)

6: Finally When you solve the problem, return to the post to state 'solved' and push Thanks [Image: tyl_add.png] + [Image: postbit_reputation.gif] reputation to Member who helped. yes

Thanks For Your Attention


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-Citroen DS5 Steering lock Renew/Write Code by dumps
-Passat CCM Repair corrupted dump succes
-Dacia Dashboard with Fujitsu MB96F6A6 Change km/Block Synchro Dash-ABS

-=[Full WinOLS/ECM Titanium User] =-

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