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F20 Retrofit used Kombi2
14-08-2018, 13:45 PM,
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RE: F20 Retrofit used Kombi2
(27-07-2018, 06:26 AM)hkgans Wrote:  [Image: nqt3l4Nh.jpg]

Finally, my new (used) kombi2 on F20 is working. biggrin

it looks very nice smile congratulationshappy
do you had any troubles with the emulator or does it also works at the first attempt?
have you changed the kilometer values to FF like it is described in the manual of the emulator?
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10-10-2018, 22:49 PM,
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RE: F20 Retrofit used Kombi2
hello, days ago i bought a selecom 35128wt emulator to erase the vin of an used f87 LCI cluster display, the instructions says that the emulator could be programed with any programmer with 35160 software. they also says that i have to remove from the unit the 35128wt eeprom read it and save the information. then i have to solder the 35128wt eeprom in a spot for it on the emulator, then solder the emulator to the programmer. Can i use R270 to program the emulator as i am not writing the 128wt directly?. if someone knows something about this emulators please reply me. aguy here in colombia says me that if i pay him an update for his programer he could read and write info directly to the 35128wt eeprom but i already bought this and i dont wanna lose the money
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08-04-2020, 18:28 PM,
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RE: F20 Retrofit used Kombi2
which tools can read 35128 eeprom and delete vin only
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10-05-2020, 15:32 PM,
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RE: F20 Retrofit used Kombi2
(08-04-2020, 18:28 PM)Bavrian Wrote:  which tools can read 35128 eeprom and delete vin only

have you found any tool to just change vin??
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