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35160WT Emulator
16-07-2018, 11:43 AM,
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35160WT Emulator
hey guys,

how are your expierence with 35160WT Emulators?

I use them from Elprosys but i got it more than 5 times, that Dash jumps to 999.999km and TamperDot is coming up. After recalibrating Emulator all fine but it is anoying that the emulator jumps to 999.999. And every customer is looking strange what happend, and is asking why this happens.

and we got no answer for them.
I told it to elprosys support but then they didnt anwer.

Tried to figure put when its happend, but i didnt find a point.

One jumps after programming the whole car to 999999
the other one while driving
another one was after battery reset :\

But it only happens one time, after recalibrate emu this happend never again (until now biggrin)

What your experience with emulators, and wich one are you using?


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16-07-2018, 18:26 PM,
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RE: 35160WT Emulator
Maybe, the "GWSZ Offset" is set to -1km.

On older E-series the odometer jumps to 999.999km and after driving 1km the odometer jumps to 0km.
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19-07-2018, 05:38 AM,
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RE: 35160WT Emulator
Yes, i got the same issue more than once sad
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23-10-2018, 10:14 AM,
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RE: 35160WT Emulator
how did you solve it?

Admin Client 7.2.0, ISTA 4.18.32, ISTA 4.18.33 SDP, ISTA-P 66.2, ISTA Launcher 1.19, ICOM 03-15-02 on Original A2, ETK 08.2019, KSD 08.2019, Keyreader, ISPA Server, KSD Client, E-Sys 3.33.4 with Launcher Pro 3.4.2
Lenovo T480
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23-10-2018, 12:08 PM,
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RE: 35160WT Emulator
(23-10-2018, 10:14 AM)tste1982 Wrote:  how did you solve it?
recalibrate mileage
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