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**A Warning to all posting in this subforum!**
20-01-2019, 18:09 PM,
Post: #1
**A Warning to all posting in this subforum!**
Seeing far too many complaints of people asking for money for solutions after posting a request here.  This is a community where we help each other freely, you can go sell your solutions elsewhere.

Members posting solutions then asking for money in PM for the password will be banned permanently!  banned
No exceptions.  You have been warned. Dont

This is not the place to sell files, if you are not willing to help for FREE then please close the thread and move on. 

If someone posts a solution then asks for money in PM, please forward those PMs to me and they will be dealt with.


If someone took the time to help you, the least you can do is take a few seconds and press two buttons! 

Thanks [Image: tyl_add.png] + [Image: postbit_reputation.gif] reputation.

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20-01-2019, 18:31 PM,
Post: #2
RE: **A Warning to all posting in this subforum!**
Exactly   yes If someone like to help and share solution lock and send password to person becouse protection of your work not becouse trade the money..than someone blindly wait for file in free section,which usualy need pay for yikes but there is another problem..none active users with zero rep + tnx shouldnt expect free files if nothing to return to comunity so better not ask tunings becouse all what you will recive is pass protected file..so better make a request in other sections
Reputation: +10 - volavka [+2] , 23Andi23 [+1] , fab [+1] , 5.1 [+1] , abbas acer [+1] , loki954 [+1] , quest [+1] , al70 [+1] , Abou-raffik [+1]
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