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14-07-2022, 13:59 PM,
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RE: HEXTAG By Microtronik Support / Feedback
(09-07-2022, 08:56 AM)foxportal Wrote:  7604075


BMW F02 750Li

Lambda OFF

I was able to read it only by supplying power to the ECU from an external power source. I had to turn off and on the power every time before each reading. What could be the problem? (software or programmer)

the file recording had to be done also, through the supply of external power directly to the ecu. Received error 1F2802 after recording and fixed it later. Start the car and drive away.

Not much dissatisfied... Killed a lot of time solving problems with reading and writing. I decided to write maybe someone will help in the future or fix the development.
please make update your software version to 1.0.54 version . also please use 13v-14v 3a-4a ac/dc adapter as power supply with hexprog. if you have same difficulty again with above specification please contact support from website.
thank you
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