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21-05-2019, 15:10 PM,
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Hello everyone,
It all started when, annoying of the belay warning beeping, i disabled the sound reminder via DAS. I realized that even though I was driving alone, the beeping remained active until I also inserted the passenger side beltinto its anchor. This made me suspicious that there was some problem in the passenger side weight sensor. I also monitored the light of the "passenger airbag off" in the center dash and I realized that, after a brief initial light ON state (2 seconds when I start the car) it returns to being off even if there is a passenger seated!.The strange thing is that no SRS malfunctioning warning appears.The SRS warning light also comes on when the engine is started and then goes out along with all the other warning lights. Entering with DAS in the AB control unit no fault code appears. Looking under the passenger seat I verified that there are connections to the two yellow connectors belt sensor and seat sensor weight and the connectors are not loose. In short I entered in the current values menu and test canbus signal is what appears and is shown in the following screens-shots.
I also checked through the Special Function seat settings menu that under "Present passenger sensor" it is set to "YES". In development menu control unit adaption variant coding appears this coding see in the following screen-shots. I also tried to change the encoding entries both in Special Function setting "No" present and in DEVELOPMENT menu and saving the values but I made a mistake in some configuration entries and after update the AB control unit, at the exit of the DAS the worning" SRS coded erro"r message appeared in Instrument Cluster and SRS light come ON !. I have reenteedr in DAS and recodified and I put back the same values as before in the coding and the SRS warning messages have disappeared and everything is back to the beginning.. My questinos are:
1) Is it possible that the sensor is broken and that the previous owner has had the AB Control Unit coded to make the passenger always sit up?
2) Which means the entry in CAN BUS B48 module "NOT ASSIGNED" Is this coded corrected?
4) Which means the OC entry in the developer-mode Variant Coding?
5) why doesn't the AIRBAG OFF light come on when no passenger is sitting?
5) Can the presence of child seat ever present has been codified and in consequence light always remains off ?

Please can someone write me the exact settings of both the SPECIAL FUNCTION seat setting menu (SEAT Wight sensor present YES/NO) and the DEVELOPER-mode VARIANT CODING menu item -> OC ja/nein/disabled ,AKSE/OC Ja/Nein/disabled etc. etc.) ?
Thanks in advance to those who want to help me solve this big security problem
Excuse me for my bad English language
My car is W203 C200K sedan of 02/2003 ELEGANCE, JAPAN national version with Steering wheel to the left
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28-05-2019, 06:56 AM,
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I suppose that the passenger mat is damaged. OC-occupation
maybe in vediamo someone disconnected mate after CAN because it is wrong coding.
Check the resistance in the DAS of all components, which can lose resistance and you have once on when the warning lamp.
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28-05-2019, 13:10 PM, (This post was last modified: 28-05-2019, 13:14 PM by plore90.)
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Thank you so much for your answer, you were the only one to answer me. I will follow your advice and check the resistance of the sensor as soon as possible. I own the DAS and I can also try to change the encoding but being in German I can't understand some entries. Browsing the internet I found this document of the mercedes I attach.
It would seem that the passenger seat AIRBAG light only comes on if there is a problem. But I'm not completely convinced.

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