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MMI 2G JP to EU conversion / need advice
11-06-2019, 14:02 PM,
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ZTAudi  MMI 2G JP to EU conversion / need advice
Hi mates!

Recently I tried to update software in MMI 2G (A6 4F/C6 2007) from Japanese to EU. Software version 2090 and 1480 in other same car.
I've got the original CD set with 5570 firmware (3 CD, first with 5150), and I also prepared 1110 CD.

When trying to update it with setup+return, I get Region software conflict notification. The only way to proceed with update is to put "ignore region" check in green menu.

Next try to start an update returns error: Unvollstandige metadaten fur EEPROM-update der MMI (V1.1.1b.22.7.26.b.2, CRC 0x0df6a808). Andere CD verwenden.

So I decided to load "Bootloader" mode (never try this at home until you know what you're doing!). The MMI rebooted, I put the 5150 update CD into the changer, but got message "Missing app/bolo section in metainfo". Only the 1100 CD has been successfully loaded and I got 11.1.0 firmware after MMI rebooted.

The problem is that I can't update it to any other version anymore, stuck at the 1110 firmware. When I put any CD to the changer and start update, it shows "Drive error! Metainfo cannot be analysed!". I even tried to use the very old CD-changer, but nothing changes.

I think the problem could be in any incompatible device (like K-box), which is not present after update. Maybe something else.

Please share your thoughts, will it be possible, for example, update the MMI module in any other european A6? Or maybe I must cut off some other devices?

I successfully converted other JP MMI to EU, except radio (Tun, k-box), but these 2 are already with 11.1.0 firmware and I'm trying to find way to update it to 5150 at least.

Help smile
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