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01-08-2019, 08:13 AM,
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RE: MHI2_ER_AU57x_P3634
(01-08-2019, 07:45 AM)benyclaudiu Wrote:  Has anyone managed to modify the 2019 maps to go installed on any software version?

2019 maps will install if you have FeC code 02300020 or higher
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03-08-2019, 06:56 AM,
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RE: MHI2_ER_AU57x_P3634
The 2019 maps I managed to install only on the P3236 software version, I understood that if a file is changed in metainfo they will be installed on smaller software, are you aware of this?
Can anyone help us make this change in maps to be able to install maps on all software versions.

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03-08-2019, 11:24 AM,
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RE: MHI2_ER_AU57x_P3634
Hmm, I don't know this way. For me only way is depend on FeC
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05-08-2019, 00:09 AM,
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RE: MHI2_ER_AU57x_P3634
I am pretty sure, that all activations (maps, carplay) is done via USB-Ethernet dongle :-/
I hope, that someone public solution soon.
May be we can make fundraiser for one chinese (guy who know it), that he collect all informations about hacking FEC codes smile I give him 50 USD smile
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05-08-2019, 05:36 AM,
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RE: MHI2_ER_AU57x_P3634 one give for free or for 50 $ we talk 5000$......
I am in with you with 50$ ......but no way
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16-08-2019, 15:04 PM,
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RE: MHI2_ER_AU57x_P3634
At the moment i have K2570 FW (A6 2015 MIB2) Can i just download the P3634 in a SD Card and install it?
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24-08-2019, 17:55 PM,
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RE: MHI2_ER_AU57x_P3634
Firmware MHI2_ER_AU57x_K3663 has following part number: 4M0906961DA

<pack:Tpi />
<pack:Remarks />

Can someone help me with this Password and decrypt it?
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25-08-2019, 07:13 AM,
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RE: MHI2_ER_AU57x_P3634
Yes i need for Software update on my car and hacked signature check.
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25-08-2019, 10:17 AM,
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RE: MHI2_ER_AU57x_P3634
Do you do it by own?? Or need remotely work? I can do it.
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25-08-2019, 18:34 PM,
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ZTAudi  RE: MHI2_ER_AU57x_P3634
tFor bose sound system units, you will need to log in with the user and set not to update their bose sound, or remove fiber optics from the rear amplifier. otherwise you will run out of sound.
You have in the photo the combination of buttons to enter the engineering menu, then choose sd 1 after reading meta info the software appears and press the central button read and meta info standard data go down from the central button to the bottom of everything and give start update then start and start update.Procedure
Bottom-left, Top-left buttons listed below are the ones surrounding the rotatory wheel

  1. Format your SD card with Fat32

  2. Extract all files to SD card from RAR file - (such that you end up with a lot of folders are at root of the card)

  3. SD card with files to SD1 slot of car

  4. Turn on ignition (not the engine)

  5. Press Radio

  6. Hold Back + Bottom-Left buttons for 6 seconds - Green menu appears

  7. Tick the following option: production -> rcc_prod -> swdl_prod

  8. Press Radio

  9. Hold Back + Top-Left buttons for 6 seconds - Red menu appears

  10. Click update -> SD1 -> User defined

  11. Click Update on bottom right

  12. Enter into Bose6416A_P. Click All -> NONE -> All (if you don't do this, your Bose audio will not work until you get it fixed by a dealer)

  13. Press back and verify that N is written next to Bose6416A_P

  14. Scroll down all the way and click Start Update -> Start

  15. Wait until the process completes. Will reboot several times.

  16. In the next list that appears, scroll to bottom and click Resume -> Cancel version compare

  17. Wait until the process completes. Will reboot several times.

  18. If MMI is turned off at this time, press Start button to turn it on. Don't start engine.

  19. Reboot MMI by holding for a second or two Menu + Rotary Control + Top-right button

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