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Should I replace my injectors? 2.0 HDi
22-08-2019, 14:57 PM,
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Should I replace my injectors? 2.0 HDi

Peugeot 3008 2010
2.0 HDi
108,000 miles
Delphi Injectors

I need to at least change the seats/seals on injector no.1 (have a leak by the looks of it, it's throwing sticky gunk and smoking a little). My power is generally good, but I've noticed the occasional stutter recently.

From what I understand from the service manual, this is a pretty involved job to get to the injectors on this engine. Part of me is wondering whether it's worth replacing my injectors whilst I'm doing this, given the milage - or should I just clean them up, clean the surrounding area, and pop them back in?

Diagbox is reading the following on the fuel circuit:

Injector opening correction strategies activation status: Strategy Inactive
Open cycle ratio controlling the regulation of the fuel flow: 46%
Cylinder 1 injection time: 1.90 Ms
Cylinder 3 injection time: 1.74 Ms
Cylinder 4 injection time: 1.99 Ms
Cylinder 2 injection time: 1.85 Ms

Any advice/tips from those with more experience please?  hi
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26-08-2019, 21:02 PM,
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RE: Should I replace my injectors? 2.0 HDi
not sure what the engine code your 2.0 is, i would replace the seals if its a long job i would maybe get all 4 done and new copper washers also make sure you get a seat cutter to clean out the injector ports trust me its worth it to get a good seal i had to do mine twice as the dealer said not to do it just wack them in!,

108k still plenty of miles my 307 RHS was on 190k with ori injectors.

from what i have been told never take the diagbox readings you need to do a leak of test to get a better idea .
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04-09-2019, 20:01 PM,
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RE: Should I replace my injectors? 2.0 HDi
As above if its running and starting OK just do the seal, I also had a RHS 307 and sold it with 260K miles still on original pump and injectors and its still going on 280K now
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