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BMW G30 NBT and 6WB replacing, need info
26-06-2020, 18:01 PM,
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XZBMW  BMW G30 NBT and 6WB replacing, need info
Hello guys, just bought of the auction G30. It was auctioned because Nbt, and 6WB was stolen. Got now replacements, but some of the wires has been cut off. Seller who sold the nbt included some cables.
First thing is to sort the cables, later on i will need some help to code in. 

This is what my car has from the factory:

Intelligent Emergency Call
DAB Tuner
Navigation System Professional
Real-Time Traffic Information
CD Drive
Multifunctional Instrument Display
Connected Drive Services.

The units i bought:

987737501 nbt

8782630 6wb (it has slot for hud as well)

1. This is green white cut of of my old stolen unit.
[Image: 0-02-0a-7f2a1717f235dc22039c2ad7092d5b09...0a7a89.jpg]

Same green white but two pairs on the unit i bought 
[Image: 0-02-0a-3089549aee8da363cc671c705ca8795b...6c5c5e.jpg]

which green white pair i need to join on the new nbt unit?

2. I can't find gps cable coming from the dash, however there is one cut with 3 wires. can it be this one?
[Image: 0-02-0a-a9d28c78e21701521869122be5031aaf...137e81.jpg]

3. 3 aerial cables are cut as well. they all same colour. I think 2 are for FM 1 for DAB. seller cut me them 3, but how do i solder them if they all look exactly the same?
[Image: 0-02-0a-e73d1f98df16cee26d2b5934b720a65b...94adbc.jpg]

4. I was told that there shouldn't be big problem with 6wb if it has less miles than my car. I'm not sure which actually has more, but in case speedo has covered more, how do i virginize it? What is virginize needed for, to enter required mileage only, or to code it as well?
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