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Astra H 1.7 2005 13227920 Temic - 9S12DG128 error B1000
04-08-2020, 22:40 PM,
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KOpel  Astra H 1.7 2005 13227920 Temic - 9S12DG128 error B1000
I need help.
I read Eprom from Temic - 9S12DG128 using a UPA programmer.
I used the TahoSoft calculator to clear the original file of crash data. When the ABS control panel was returned to the car, an error was reported among the other B1000
Since the operation failed, I calculated with all the calculators that I have the following files. Some are the same, some have a different first byte, and some are completely different.
TahoSoft and EVS calculator have exactly the same file *Which doesn't work well on a car*
NYO and AirBag Service Tool 9S12DG128 have the same file except the first byte 00 and FF
The AirBag Service Tool 9S12DG128E makes a completely different file from all calculators

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09-08-2020, 17:05 PM,
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RE: Astra H 1.7 2005 13227920 Temic - 9S12DG128 error B1000
Correct file 'cleared nyo'
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05-10-2020, 14:30 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-10-2020, 14:33 PM by RadovanPetkovic.)
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KOpel  RE: Astra H 1.7 2005 13227920 Temic - 9S12DG128 error B1000
And finally the whole course of repairs to a successful final job:

I tried all the listed files I got with the calculators. They all had different error codes and B1000. When I loaded the File that NYO made, I only got two errors for the passenger and driver tensioners. Delphi diagnostics sees only those errors may be real, I don't know because I'm not an auto electrician so I don't work with cars. The car owner took over the car due to road needs. I didn't read Flash because it wasn't written anywhere in my calculators
The car should be inspected for real tensioner errors that have 7oms. If it is NYO has done a good job

It is necessary to check the pretensioners, but I did not have time for that.

The pictures show how the UPA programmer should be connected. Be sure to pin pin 30 off the PCB board. Only then will the UPA be able to read and write the contents of the file to the processor

Delphi diagnostics read the live data as in the picture. I think the job is just done to replace the pretensioners or emulate

The car has not yet come to be repaired from the trip. The car mechanic ordered a used part. Next week we will know the details, my opinion is that the car will behave the same with the used part. Because the guarantor pretensioners are cracked .....
The contact itself includes all four hazard warning lights. So the data crash has not been cleared.
With the NYO file, it only shows the error for the pretensioners, which the car mechanic did not check ....

The final solution of the case.
As I thought. I was right in everything I wrote so far.
They finally brought me a car. But with the replaced Airbeg electronics exchange. Usually the waste seller says the thing is 100% correct. So I lost half a day solving the problem. When I requested the original part, I deleted the crash data of the NYO program. Using the diagram, I discovered where the belt tensioners were connected, soldered to 2.2 ohm terminals in the Airbeg central electronic unit. To simulate belt tensioners.
The real repair is the replacement of new ones, but the car owner wanted it to be done like this, that is, to pretend that they are correct.
Everything was working properly, it no longer showed a DTC malfunction.
Note: When contacting the car if the HAZARD direction indicators are working and can be switched off by pressing the danger button twice. There are DATA ON COLLISION of vehicles. DTCs cannot be cleared even if live Delphi diagnosis data is correct. For all airbags it is 2.2om. DTCs that cannot be cleared are visible.
The NYO calculator works correctly for this model of central airbag unit. When the vehicle collision data is properly deleted from the central unit, the hazard direction indicators will no longer work when the car is contacted. This is a sign that everything is correct and that the DTC errors will be real, not those after the collision.

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