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F30 6WB retrofit help.
12-09-2020, 21:28 PM,
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XZBMW  F30 6WB retrofit help.
Hi, I’ve just installed a 6WB in my F30 but having errors with the Km.
My car is in miles and once I coded in the kombi it’s comes back with kM mismatch(I can’t remember the exact error) I haven’t changed the vin yet as I can live with the tamper red dot.
Every time I start the car the mileage on the new cluster jumps up a few miles is this to do with the vin not being removed and the car not updating my vin to it.
On a second note the R270+ programmer I bought came with the red adapter which I have been trying to use with a soic 8 pin clip to erase the vin with no success. Is this the correct adapter.
The cluster really sets up the motor but I just can’t figure out the r270 and the mileage increase every time I start the car.

Help would be greatly appreciated
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12-09-2020, 22:57 PM,
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RE: F30 6WB retrofit help.
Don’t try reset mileages 35160wt with r270!
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13-09-2020, 20:33 PM,
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RE: F30 6WB retrofit help.
(12-09-2020, 22:57 PM)rus-bmw Wrote:  Don’t try reset mileages 35160wt with r270!

Thanks for the information 
I know the mileage is lower on the cluster I’m installing so it’s the vin I’m clearing . I’ve figured out the wiring was incorrect on the soic clip but now the r270 won’t read the chip fully. It stops half way whilst reading it. Is there some thing I’m doing incorrectly
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15-09-2020, 16:01 PM,
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RE: F30 6WB retrofit help.
you can modify the vin with r270?? 35160WT
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