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Poll: Which tool do you like
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Autel IM608
72 58.06%
Obstar DP+
31 25.00%
Lonsdor 508
21 16.94%
Total 124 vote(s) 100%
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Autel IM608 vs Obstar DP+ vs Lonsdor 508
22-11-2020, 06:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 22-11-2020, 06:04 AM by renoirTaha.)
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RE: Autel IM608 vs Obstar DP+ vs Lonsdor 508
(17-10-2020, 11:52 AM)sniegavirs Wrote:  I have VVDI2 full but it is only great for VAG and BMW so to complement my service I want to buy Autel IM608 PRO because of the options it supports it would be great all-a-rounder.

you should wait with buying as vvdi is coming with new device (xhorse vvdi key tool plus) what is meant to be all in one tool similar as im608 but half of the price
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28-12-2020, 11:13 AM,
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RE: Autel IM608 vs Obstar DP+ vs Lonsdor 508
In these three Autel IM608, OBDStar and Lonsdor 508 from your experience which is the strongest for working on JDM imported Japanese cars?
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02-02-2021, 13:54 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-02-2021, 16:25 PM by Clusters.)
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RE: Autel IM608 vs Obstar DP+ vs Lonsdor 508
Broo buy im508+xp400 pro. 2000usd In that price is the best.
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02-02-2021, 22:57 PM,
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YTMercedes  RE: Autel IM608 vs Obstar DP+ vs Lonsdor 508
(28-07-2019, 23:00 PM)AkaPanuka Wrote:  hi CT members

lets compare about IM608 from autel and obstar DP+ and lonsdor 508, whats your experience about them? 

The IM608 cost like 3200$ for simple diagnostic and key programming , while Obdstar DP+ like 1100$ and 1600$ if with diagnostic and key programming with free update 1 year, Lonsdor is 1200$ with 600$ yearly update 
Which one you think is the best? 
share with us your experience 

First impression , obdstar was leader in key programmer , im608 trying to copy with price very high and they stop devices when the want without any warning, look like IM608 is seeking only the rich people with such a high level lifestyle

Autel IM608 is not just simple diagnostic, can do programing and coding aswell plus live data very acurate. Very good on cars 2008- till present on key's diagnostic etc.... To benefit from it buy the additional G-Box2 , you can read ISN long code from F series, MB EIS cloning and testing, etc.... . You can not compare this 3. Got my self Autel IM608 , OBD STAR DP, X-tool PAD PRO. The last 2 if I used once a month for some mileage correction. That's it.
 If you got the cash go with Autel !!! curious about new Launch for Immo.

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14-02-2021, 16:23 PM,
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RE: Autel IM608 vs Obstar DP+ vs Lonsdor 508
Each tool is good until one of them can do FBS4 mercedes to be best and stand out of the crowd..LOL
I have IM608 Full package and very happy with it..Also have Xhorse Tool Max that can do some cars that autel cant for example Alfa Romeo 2015 - 18 models..Its always best to have each tool so you can get covered..if you want full package in one just get Abrites on christmas promotion for 33k$..coveres everything
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